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The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein represents its clients in diverse real estate matters. We take a personal approach to each of our client’s real estate transactions, and work closely with each client from beginning to end, in order to insure that your financial and legal interests are properly protected.  Michael W. Goldstein is an experienced New York Real Estate Lawyer, handling the sale of condominiums, cooperative apartments and single and multi-family houses, as well as commercial leases, contractor disputes, mechanic’s liens, and New York real estate litigation.  As a New York real estate lawyer, Michael W. Goldstein is experienced in all aspects of real estate transactions and real estate litigation.  We are confident that you will appreciate his attention to detail and thoroughness, as well as his ability to assist you during all phases of your NY real estate transaction or NY real estate litigation.

New York Real Estate Lawyer | High Quality Legal Representation for Your Real Estate Transaction

The Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein approaches each real estate transaction with the thoroughness that it deserves. Although the purchase or sale of a house, condominium, co-op apartment, or investment property is a major transaction, many real estate professionals treat it as merely a routine sale of a commodity. Many people spend more time and effort when purchasing a car than they do for a real estate transaction. Keep in mind that while a new car, and even used cars may have a warranty, purchasing real estate has far more risks that require an experienced and resourceful New York real estate lawyer.

We take each real estate transaction seriously. We know the serious problems and major expense that a purchaser of a house, condominium, co-op apartment, or investment property may face if a required work permit or Building Department “sign off” was not obtained for renovations, or if a deck, porch, pool, stairway, or addition was constructed in violation of local Building Codes, or encroaching onto a neighbor’s property, or onto a sidewalk.

We are always mindful of the legal issues that often threaten to derail a real estate transaction. Rather than ignore potential legal issues, Michael W. Goldstein applies his many years of real estate experience, as well as his business and economics background, in order to resolve legal issues that often arise in a real estate purchase or sale.

Once you have retained the Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein, you can also expect unbiased answers to your questions about the many types of mortgage or co-op loans offered by lenders. It is reassuring to know that you have retained an attorney who can give you valuable information to help you to navigate through the maze of mortgage or co-op loans, in order to assist you in determining which type best suits your needs.

Whether you are a purchasing or selling a house, condominium, co-op apartment, or commercial property, you will appreciate the dedication and professionalism that our New York Real Estate Lawyer provides in each real estate transaction. We represent home buyers and sellers, experienced real estate investors, commercial landlords, commercial tenants, contractors and property owners in real estate transactions, mechanic’s liens, and real estate litigation. All our clients receive the same high quality legal representation and personal attention that we are known for.

Experienced New York Real Estate Lawyer | Aggressive Legal Representation for Your New York Real Estate Litigation

Since our law firm was formed in 1985, we have been representing litigation clients in many counties of the New York State courts. We have the experience to represent you in your New York Real Estate lawsuit or dispute. For more information, click New York Real Estate Litigation.

Our Clients Are Represented by an Experienced New York Real Estate Lawyer, Not a Paralegal

While a paralegal can certainly assist a lawyer, we believe that critical stages of a real estate transaction are best addressed by an experienced real estate attorney. Michael W. Goldstein recalls a real estate transaction that was close to a disaster because the seller’s real estate lawyer had never spoken to Mr. Goldstein during the contract negotiation or during the entire process that followed. At all stages, Mr. Goldstein, who was representing the buyer, was forced to deal with the paralegal staff at the seller’s attorney’s office, despite his insistence that there were legal issues that necessitated the seller’s attorney’s attention. At the closing of title, serious legal issues which were never resolved by the seller’s attorney’s paralegal staff caused almost insurmountable obstacles to closing the deal. The seller’s attorney was totally unaware of the problems, because he had apparently never reviewed the file until the scheduled closing date.

In our experience, many real estate transactions proceed relatively smoothly without major complications. However, since a significant portion of real estate transactions do encounter substantial legal, financial, or logistical problems, it is our philosophy to recognize that each transaction has the potential to develop problems that will require expert legal representation.

If your real estate purchase or sale does not proceed as smoothly as you would have hoped, you will be glad that you selected our law firm. We make every effort to address potential issues in the contract of sale, so as to minimize the possibility of serious problems as the transaction progresses. Of course we cannot eliminate all potential problems, but as the old adage says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Legal Fees and Value to Our Clients

For most real estate transactions, the client may choose either hourly fees or flat fees. We believe that we provide excellent value because our professionalism and attention to each client is among the highest, while our fees are “middle of the road.” We cater to those clients who appreciate this high level of legal representation, and understand that all New York real estate lawyers are not the same.

We understand that many clients are stretching their financial resources when they purchase a home, and that they seek to obtain legal representation at the lowest possible cost. Although we respect that concern, we are unable to match the legal fees charged by high volume real estate law firms who make extensive use of paralegals at all phases of the transaction.

Clients Often Contact Us When Their Lawyer Is Unable to Resolve A Dispute

We have a well earned reputation for thoroughness in negotiating, drafting and enforcing real estate contracts. We are attentive to details, as well as to the needs of our clients. Our New York Real Estate Lawyer is often contacted by buyers or sellers of real estate, seeking our professional services to resolve problems with their real estate transaction. The options available may be significantly limited by the terms of the contract. If the contract was simply a “standard contract” prepared by a high volume real estate law firm, the client might have no choice but to accept a less than optimal result. Often however, despite the terms of their contract, we are able to achieve a desirable result through negotiation, or litigation if necessary.

Our New York Real Estate Lawyer Represent Clients in Many Areas of New York State

Although our office is located in Manhattan, our New York Real Estate Lawyer represents clients in all counties of the City of New York, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, and some upstate New York counties. If it is inconvenient for a client to travel to our office, alternate arrangements can be made.

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For useful information for purchasers and sellers of co-ops, condos, and houses in New York State, click FYI: Real Estate.

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Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein is a New York real estate law firm, representing clients in real estate transactions and real estate litigation.

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